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The current pandemic touching the whole world is having a direct impact on communities of Tulum and surrounding villages. On the top of the sanitary crisis, most of the local economy is driven by tourism. As shops, hotels, constructions sites, etc. shut down, many are left without an income.

We ask for your financial contribution in order to coordinate the purchase of food we will distribute in several community kitchens, providing hundreds of complete meals for those that need them the most.

Following the World Health Organizations and local government instructions, we advocate so called 'social distancing'. We comply with all precaution measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

We are extremely grateful for your support.

Makers is a NGO registered in Mexico:

Global Makers AC
RFC: GMA190808P6A
Av. Cobá Sur s/n km. 1.2, polígono 4, región 14 L, Aldea Zama, 77760, Tulum , Quintana Roo.

Donate at the button above or directly to our NGO's bank account:



Cuenta 0114342887

CLABE 012690001143428878


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